The Specifications Of The New Google Pixel 2 Smartphones Are Disclosed

An unnamed source revealed the characteristics of the “reference” Android-smartphone Google Pixel 2. According to the informant, one of the models by working name Walleye will have a 4.97-inch screen and a design “almost identical” to last year’s device. [Read more…]

How To Make Right Choices For Breast Augmentation

It’s all about having a great body and flaunting your assets if you are well endowed. This has caught on any women who want the perfect breast and they are doing everything for accentuating it with clothing, surgery etc. But with permanent solution in hand, breast augmentation is becoming an industry of its own with a lot may people getting a boob job getting done. The cosmetic surgeons are now getting a long list of patients who want to have the procedure done. It is nowadays not out of reach for the common man or to say woman. She is independent, adventurous and of course today’s women who wants everything on her terms. Looking confident and good is a part of her repertoire. Check out the breast augmentation Colorado Springs cost here. [Read more…]