Windows 8 Features Description

Window 8 start up menu differs from other windows, window 8 can support a fundamental interface changes, window 8 has a number of new features, we can easily search data related to over the keyword, It’s like a window 7, Windows 8 users can easily access window 7. It is an upgraded package of window 7. , window 8 never support on flash content on a tablet PC.

Because flash content can damage or crash or data. Window 8 is better than window XP & 7. When any person uses window 8 it feel different. Window 8 supports the ARM chip infrastructure, window 8 has a capability for browsing faster, it will boot in 8 Sec.

Changes in Control Panel:

In window 8 there are numbers of changes found like in Privacy, General& Security and also metro style application available but in window 8 we cannot see all the running apps.
Two Soft Keyboards: –

Window 8 provides two Types of keyboards, one is traditional keyboard and another one is Thumb keyboard. And it will automatically adjust language; it will automatically apply In the PC.

Display: –

It has also a capability in Android phones, window 8 will notice that user account will be connected to cyberspace, it means it will connect automatically to data storage Microsoft sky drive, it will store our data secure from hackers on the internet.

Spell Checker: –

It has provided spell checker feature. It will automatically correct the spelling mistake.

Faster Browsing: –

windows 8  also have  a capability of fast browsing speed. It will browse data in a few minutes.

Copy: –

Window 8 has an ability to perform all present operations at single dialog Box. We can also perform separate dialog box for each app.

Booting Time: –

window 8 has a capability of booting faster, it will boot our video in just a 8 and 9 seconds. If we compare window 8 and window 7 for fast booting, then window 8 is better than window 7 and other operating system. Because it takes less time compared with other.

Easily search apps: –

In window 8 we can easily find an application on the internet. Which supports our window.

Drag and Drop Apps: –

window 8 has a new function for switching between screens, we should not press alt+ tab for going one application to another. Window 8 has metro UL which allows using drag and dropping the application which is currently running.

Live Syncing:-

In window 8 has a function of live syncing. The user can login the any other window 8 computers and laptops with live ID & back on their personalized setting. When the user switches their login account on another PC, It will look same everything on the PC. Which is on user PC? So we can say that window 8 has the capability of live syncing.

If we are talking in brief about window 8 it has much more new features. Like It has hundred of new power shells, New firewall with packet Filtering, , .Net framework 4.5, Hybrid shut down, New application model (Intel, AMD, ARM), Start button replaced by link to new start screen, It has also an extensive virtual switch.