Your Personal Guide To Keep Your Computer Clean

Cleaning your computer is one of the necessary habits in order to keep it performing properly. Removing the dust and dirt from the various parts of the computer enhances the functionality. All the circuits become clean, hence, work better.

The benefits of cleaning are plenty; however, people usually don’t know the right method of cleaning the various parts such as the monitor, keyboard, mouse, and CPU.

All of these parts have a specific set of requirements when it comes to cleaning. One needs to make sure that he or she follows the right process in order to clean the computer effectively.

Here, in this article, you will find the necessary tips on cleaning your computer.

  1. Cleaning the mouse

In the process of Clean up a Slow Performing Computeryou need to include the mouse cleaning too. It is your mouse that handles most of the movement provided by your hands. Hence, you need to keep it clean.

Now, the first thing you need to do is disconnect the mouse. Then, wipe the dirt with a soft cotton cloth and a little amount of alcohol. Keep your hands soft and ensure that you are not putting too much pressure. Clean the optical eye of the mouse with the same cloth, alcohol and gentle hands.

  1. Cleaning the monitor

When it comes to cleaning the monitor, you should always use a microfiber cloth. This will be helpful in cleaning all the dust. Now, you will need to use distilled water in order to do the job without any stains. Just dip the cloth in the water, and gently wipe the monitor. Make sure that there is not too much water soaked into the cloth. Clean the monitor from the front and the back as well. Finally, you can wipe the monitor with a dry cloth.

  1. Cleaning the keyboard

Many times people eat while working on the computer. This enhances the number of germs on the keyboard. Plus, the food particles can go inside the keys and reduce the functionality. Hence, in order to Clean and Speed Up Your PC, you need to make sure that the keyboard is clean all the time.

Now, it is not very easy to clean the keyboards with cloth and water. The air pressure, on the other hand, proves a great method to clean it. You can use the bottled air fitted with a pipe. Just use this and you will find amazing results.

  1. Cleaning the CPU

The CPU is the most important part of the whole setup. You need to ensure the cleaning in order to maintain the performance of the computer. The canned air works here too. However, you need to remove all the connections from the CPU before starting the cleaning job. After that, you can just blast the canned air to remove all of the dirt from it.

So, hopefully, now you are clear about the question of ‘how do I clean my computer’.