Tips For Maintaining An Internet Presence

The internet is a revolutionary human invention. Beyond the obvious capacity for communication, the internet has spawned entire industries never before thought possible. Not content to just revolution shopping and communication, we have the internet to thank for the social media industry, the attention economy, and the latest in entertainment media. Specifically, YouTube and Twitch allow ordinary people to have a shot at fame and fortune just from working on things they’re passionate for. It’s truly a great time to be alive. Here are a few ways to capitalize on the internet’s capacity for entrepreneurial success. [Read more…]

Why Do People Get Addicted To Porn?

Many of the people often have the opinion that the people who get addicted to porn are because they lack moral fiber, are weak and have no self-discipline. Addiction to porn might seem like a bizarre thing to have but it can be rather harmful to the individual who is addicted to it as well as for the society. It can be classified as a disorder which circulates around the uncontrolled viewing of content like porn movies, images, short films or pornographic material. [Read more…]

Samsung Galaxy S9 Vs Iphone 6s: Practically Two Occasions More Powerful!

Comparative testing of prototypes Samsung Galaxy S9 vs Apple iPhone 6s showed phenomenal end result of long term Korean chief: nearly twice as quick as the opponent.
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Note To The Galaxy: Galaxy Note 5

imagesPlanning to buy a new phone? Then one needs to do a bit of a research and homework beforehand. In this world full of technology and advancements, there are many companies which promise their costumers to provide them with all sorts of facilities but at the time of service and commitments, the companies give a major step back. For such necessary and important questions and points to ponder, Samsung has always answered in sheer pride and thus served the audience well. Moreover it is back with one of its top models again and thus has a reason to steal all the limelight to it yet again. Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is the recently developed and produced model from the company. As the name suggests it has always done justice with it and never fails in doing so. [Read more…]

The 5 Coolest Gadgets For Teachers!

TeacherWhat comes to your mind when I speak of technology in classrooms? I am pretty sure that for most people the vision is limited only to laptops, tablets and wireless projectors. But given the fact that how well the academic performance of students shoot up after using valuable teaching tools, there’s no reason why as a teacher you should restrict yourself only to that. Here is a list of some of the coolest gadgets you can incorporate in your life to make your life easier, to increase the attention span of your students as well as boost their learning skills: [Read more…]

Move Into The World Of Digital Advertising With Touch Screen Monitors

The past twenty years have seen a radical shift in the worlds of advertising and retail. Few people between the ages of 18-35 will be able to recall exactly what the world was like before the rise of the internet. This age bracket are more tech savvy and demanding when it comes to their expectations of retailers.
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