How Do You Know Your Website Is Out Of Date Or Not?

updateThere are some websites that do an excellent job of staying current and up-to-date. Sure, people may moan when they realise that a site has had a redesign and they aren’t used to the navigation, but they shortly get used to it and then actually forget what it looked like before. A good example of this is the BBC news website, which undergoes regular design refreshes. In fact, you can still view old articles under the historic look and feel, which really shows you how much things have moved on! [Read more…]

How To Make Your Wedding Be A Relaxed Experience For You?

Oceanfront Deck wedding CR skyPlanning a wedding is one of the most stressful experiences in most people’s lives; comparable to bereavement, moving house and even divorce. Whether you decide to get married within a few months of your engagement or save up and have your big day years after the proposal, the planning process will become all-consuming. You are likely to discover family rifts that you never knew existed and irritating habits that your fiancé had never previously displayed. [Read more…]