Changes In CSS Features

CSS Means:-

Cascading style sheet, cascading style sheet used for describing the look and formatting of the document. There are various types of CSS, It helps to develop to control over how pages look likes. If the style definitions in CSS sheet it can be used by any pages which are referenced by CSS File. CSS Gives to develop more control over how web pages look.CSS have various levels, each level has its own value and it’s also built upon the last. CSS1, CSS2, CSS3, CSS4.


was published on DEC 1996; it has the capability to change the font size, color, alignment and margins.


was discovered by W3C and it was published on May 1998. It has new capability like absolute, relative and positioning.


was published on June 1999,css3 divided into various documents. IT started around the time of publication of CSS2.

It Provides Accessibility & Flexibility: –

CSS allows us to control on spacing & alignment and positioning. It also provided to control on font size color and style. It also allows web pages are presented in a different style and different methods. CSS can help us to change in style several pages at one time, so we can say that it is faster and Flexible.

Separation of Content From Presentation:-

CSS can facilitate the  publication of content in multiple presentation  formats based on  simple parameters.  Simple parameter can explicit the user preference.

The latest version of CSS is Css4 It was developed to make web design easier. It can be at  work after CS3 finished properly .  But it becomes a more serious topic, because all the browsers not supported CSS3. It can be implemented on Internet Explorer version 3 and opera etc.    The latest features of Css3 are:-

  1. Selector: –

    It means how the content can be selected for styling. But in css3 we didn’t need to specify the classes for every Element.

  2. Round Corners: –

    It requires for a designer to write a many codes, Like adjusting the height width of the element, but we are not ending the sides of the element because any changes in the element can break them.

  3. Swap Out: –

    In Css3 we have an ability to swap out the border with an image. The property of border allows us to display the colored border.

  4. Outlines: –

    The outline property allows to user to create an outline around the content. It does not affect on the layout, but it can provide high light information.

  5. No Need of Expression: –

    In CSS there is no need to specify the property values as simple expression. It can be very useful in many cases. For Ex we can calculate the size of the column. Internet Explorer 5 & 7 supports the Expression Statement. But no longer support in Internet Explorer 8.

CSS is for creating text styles it can be used for defining cell padding OF TABLE CELLS. It also helps to formatting on other web pages that’s why web pages incorporate cascading style sheet.