Remember, Remember The Fifth of November

November 5th is celebrated, mostly in England, and is the anniversary of the occasion when Guy Fawkes and several other plotters attempted to blow up the Houses of Parliament in order to kill King James I. Their plot was discovered and the men were hanged for treason. Every year since, people have marked the occasion with bonfires, ACME Fireworks, effigies and general festivities. [Read more…]

New Fireworks for Birthday Celebrations


I think there is nothing more fun to mark any occasion than purchasing new fireworks and holding a display. We have just celebrated my daughter’s twelfth birthday and we decided that it would be great fun to end the night with a small firework display.
We checked in with the neighbors to let them know what was coming their way and they all seemed more than happy to let us set off the fireworks when the sun went down. [Read more…]

Rugby Shirts For The Not So Sporty Man

You know it, I know it and everybody knows it: women think rugby players are smoking hot.  With their big muscles, broad shoulders and general tough and roughed attitude, they are the embodiment of manly men.  They don’t even need to wear rugby shirts to look hot.  But what about men that don’t take part in sport so much? [Read more…]