Rugby Shirts For The Not So Sporty Man

You know it, I know it and everybody knows it: women think rugby players are smoking hot.  With their big muscles, broad shoulders and general tough and roughed attitude, they are the embodiment of manly men.  They don’t even need to wear rugby shirts to look hot.  But what about men that don’t take part in sport so much?

Make Yourself Look Sporty

If you are the type that either doesn’t have the time or the energy to engage in physical sports – or any sports for that matter – there is no need to despair.  Simply buy yourself a few good quality rugby shirts and you can look just as hot as one of those real players.  It really is as simple as that.

What Do Rugby Shirts Look Like?

Rugby shirts are easy to wear and go with pretty much everything.  They are similar to polo shirts in that they have three buttons in the collar.  They also generally have stripes across them, in a range of colors.  This makes them great for any type of outfit.  However, what you want is to look incredibly hot, so make sure you pair them up with some tight jeans.  Think Bruce Springsteen in Born in the USA and you’ve got the right jeans in mind.