How Long Do Whiplash Symptoms Take To Appear?

Whiplash-Symptoms-Injury-ClaimMedically speaking, whiplash is an odd but very common injury.

Whiplash is usually sustained as a result of a road traffic accident, but increasingly injuries are being sustained in theme parks too. The name whiplash is given to an injury to the muscles and ligaments in the neck as a result of powerful forces, which cause the head to move sharply backwards, forwards and side-to-side. Usually such forces only cause an injury that results in pain and discomfort for a few weeks, but in the rarest cases they can lead to chronic illness and lifetime discomfort.

If you have been involved in a road traffic accident, you may be wondering whether you have whiplash or not. Whiplash is difficult to diagnose because the symptoms can take a few hours or even a few days to appear after an accident. In fact, whiplash is one of the most debated and controversial injuries due to patho-anatomical diagnosis being difficult.

Signs and symptoms of whiplash

In minor cases of whiplash, the first symptoms usually become apparent after a night’s sleep. You may feel stiffness in your neck and soreness when attempting to move your head in any direction. Your skin may also feel tender to the touch.

In moderate cases of whiplash, the first symptoms become apparent immediately or within an hour or so of an accident. A moderate whiplash injury will have signs of musculoskeletal damage, signs that can only be diagnosed by a medical professional.

In severe cases of whiplash, you may be hospitalised at the scene of an accident. In the most severe cases, spinal and nerve damage and other neurological symptoms can occur. It’s important to remember that such an injury can happen at any speeds.

What all of these cases have in common is that they are linked by other symptoms, such as restlessness, general discomfort, sickness, loss of appetite, dizziness and nausea. Whiplash can also make any pre-existing medical conditions worse. It’s also important to consider that all whiplash injuries have an initial peripheral injury to the neck, regardless of whether a peripheral lesion is present. This can take a long time to heal in the most severe cases.

Whiplash claims

Such can be the seriousness of whiplash that a claim may be your only option, especially if your injury has stopped you from working. A law firm like can help you to understand your rights to make a claim and ascertain your eligibility. Give their 24/7 helpline a call on 0800 689 0500 or from your mobile on 0333 500 0993. This advice line will help you to come to terms with your accident and help you make the right choice.