Keep Your Baby’s Growth In Check

Pregnancy is a lovely feeling. But it is complicated too. Once a woman conceives they have to become very careful about everything they do and every step they take. They cannot eat according to their will and they also cannot do whatever they want to do. Having a balanced life for these nine months and maintaining that throughout become difficult at some times but women try to do their best so that they can give birth to a healthy baby.

One can keep a tract of the day to day baby growth in their womb after they conceive. One can also count the baby kick counter once they reach the third trimester of their pregnancy.

The first trimester of pregnancy is generally about feeling nauseated; fatigue, burning and the entire time urge to pee subside. But once the first trimester is gone, all of these symptoms generally go away. Once all these are gone and suddenly everything seems very peaceful; the mother starts to think that something is definitely wrong with her pregnancy. But in most cases, it is actually fine.

Once you reach the 12th week of your pregnancy, your baby becomes fully formed. All the essential organs like the liver, the heart and the kidneys form in the right places and some of them start having their own functions as well. When the mother reaches the second trimester (from 4th to 6th month) everything seems to settle down in the body as the major changes have already been done in the first trimester leading to that sudden upheaval of sickness in the body.

But what if there is something which is not right with your pregnancy? How will you find that? Well, there are certain symptoms for that as well. One should immediately consult a doctor if they are facing brown vaginal discharges or pain and bleeding. May be these are the symptoms of miscarriage which one needs to find out. It may also happen that these are happening due to some other problems. The baby is doing fine. There is nothing wrong to be sure.

Once the bay starts growing rapidly, the uterus becomes bigger and then everyone will notice it. After 13 weeks, if you start pressing your tummy gently hen you will get to feel the top of the uterus just above your pubic bone. But if you cannot feel it, do not worry about it. On the 18th week, you start to feel that your baby is moving inside you. Once you reach your 20th week, it becomes more prominent. Also your tummy starts showing and it becomes a proper baby bump which other people can also point out by seeing you.

The second trimester is the most crucial time when the baby grows rapidly inside. Once you reach the third trimester everything seems to be fine. Then only you start enjoying being pregnant and feel the baby inside.

One can check pregnancy kick counter and keep a note of it so that they can inform the doctor if they feel any discrepancy.