Move Into The World Of Digital Advertising With Touch Screen Monitors

The past twenty years have seen a radical shift in the worlds of advertising and retail. Few people between the ages of 18-35 will be able to recall exactly what the world was like before the rise of the internet. This age bracket are more tech savvy and demanding when it comes to their expectations of retailers.


Interactive Digital Signage

Screens which can interact with customers on a personal level, accessing information about them to produce adverts that appeal to them directly, may sound like an idea lifted from science fiction. However, with the growing use of smart phones and cloud computing, shoppers are carrying vast amounts of data with them, data which can be used to the benefit of the consumer as well as the business.

Touch screen monitors have already been installed in some shopping malls, and are referred to by the title ‘interactive digital signage’ or IDS. IDS is a revolution to business advertising. Whereas previously a sign would be a static object, now it can target people individually and offer promotions or discounts they would find appealing. A shopping mall map made up of touch screens could even direct a customer to a shop it knows they want to find and even recommend other shops they may be interested in on the way.

With a generation accustomed to direct, personal interactivity when it comes to shopping, IDS offers a viable solution for high street retailers.