The 5 Coolest Gadgets For Teachers!

TeacherWhat comes to your mind when I speak of technology in classrooms? I am pretty sure that for most people the vision is limited only to laptops, tablets and wireless projectors. But given the fact that how well the academic performance of students shoot up after using valuable teaching tools, there’s no reason why as a teacher you should restrict yourself only to that. Here is a list of some of the coolest gadgets you can incorporate in your life to make your life easier, to increase the attention span of your students as well as boost their learning skills:

  • Wireless microphones
  • You most definitely need these if you have a low pitch voice or the noisiest classroom in the school. Wireless microphones are much easier to operate compared to the ones that are accompanied with wires. With cable microphones, you are more prone to falling. They also restrict your movement especially if your style of teaching involves making from the first desk to the last desk in the whole classroom. With wireless microphones, you can do it all with ease. Plus with your voice being audible, students can take notes in a much better manner. Tempted to get them! Say thanks to an attractive dealwith which you can get them at discounted prices along with the bonus of cashback by using Snapdeal coupons present on
  • Powerbanks
  • It’s not just the chatting which can bring down the battery of your phone. You might have a long travelling distance to your teaching place and you like to utilize that time by browsing through notes on your phone so you are better able to handle all the queries raised by your students. Or it could even be those apps helping you manage your lifestyle. Be it anything, a power bank can be your new friendto help you stay connected all the time! Finding a power spot every now and then can be frustrating and especially at moments when you need your phone the most! Buy one today itself at a lower price by availing eBay coupons via and never dread holding a dead battery phone in your hands again.
  • Trust Wireless Presenter
  • Educational trips are the ones which you can use to your advantage so that students view them as fun learning trips instead of boring ones and for passing away time. With chalkboards and cable presenter, there’s a limitation as in where you can teach. But with this one, there are no bounds for teaching! Trust 16661 wireless laser presenter will help you give a presentation anywhere while roaming freely. It comes with a convenient storable USB receiver and a laser pointer too so that you can control your presentations more professionally.
  • Moto 360
  • It’s the age of smartwatches now! Instead of staring again and again at your phone which is considered rude as well as unprofessional, it is best that you get a smartwatch like Moto 360 which can reduce the complexities without you attracting unpleasant glares from the staff at your institute. It is packed with powerful Android based features (and other features too) and comes in a beautiful design which grips your wrist firmly. It displays notifications on the screen in a timely manner so that you do not miss out on anything. Plus it’s a great way of keeping tab on your fitness too.
  • Wacom Inkling
  • Using pen and papers to take down notes in this day and age is so passé! Wacom Inkling is a digital sketching tool with which you can take notes as well do drawings and transfer them directly to your Mac. You can sketch your ideas and store hundreds of them before making the transfer. The pen is rechargeable and comes with a sturdy and compact case which is a perfect travel friendly option. Never forget the awesome ideas that pop into your head anytime with this tool by your side. Start capturing ideas and concepts easily now!