7 Guidelines To Find Quality Car Parking At Airport

It is one thing to just park your car at any airport car parking when you are out traveling, and it is quite another thing to ensure that the car park at which you have left your car has all the requisite standards in place. For making sure that your car is parked safely at a quality airport car park, you will have to do some groundwork in advance.

The entire process of finding a quality car park can be made simpler if you follow the below-mentioned guidelines.

(i) Search Online: Thanks to the advancements in technology, you can now go online and check out all the details you wish to know about different car parks; so, there is no actual running around involved in the process of finding a quality car park, especially since there are a number of privately-run car parks that provide car parking at Edinburgh airport and most of the other airports as well.

(ii) Check Out The Facilities Provided: Quality car parking often comes with several facilities which are generally an integral part of the services a good car park offers. It is advisable to check out in advance that the car park you have selected is well-equipped with all the facilities of safe parking, including proper fencing and lighting, CCTV cameras, patrolling of the parking area, and proximity to your terminal, among others.

(iii) Check Out Credentials of The Car Park: Since most of the Off-Airport sites for quality car parking at Edinburgh airport, and largely for all airports, are run by private operators, it is essential that you check out their credentials before leaving your car with them. To ensure that you car is safe from damages or theft, check out whether the airport parking site has the ‘Park Mark’ status.

(iv) Ask About ‘Services Package’: Most of the quality car parks offer what can be called a ‘services package’ along with the car parking facility. These services ensure convenient car parking and easy and timely access to terminals. Typically, some of these services include Meet & Greet services or valet parking service, holiday airport parking service, and the like.

(v) Sign a Contract: Finding quality car parking implies that you have zeroed in on a car park which can assure you of the safety of your parked vehicle. In that case, a duly signed parking contract with the car park operator further underlines the responsibility and liability of the car park operator.

(vi) Check the Insurance Issue: Though quality car parking at Edinburgh and other airports ensures that your car is safe, it is also important that you check out the insurance angle beforehand, just in case your car happens to get damaged or is stolen. It is always better if the car park is insured for any loss or damage to you car.

(vii) Avail Pre-Booking Advantage: Once you are fully satisfied that you are parking your car at quality airport car parking, you should pre-book your parking space and avail the benefit of discounts; thereby ensuring that the airport car parking is affordable too, and your parking costs are well under control!