Celebrating The Road Trip In London

Road-TripLondon is probably one of the most frequented tourist destinations on earth. The city receives thousands of visitors each year, which came to sample its rare beauty and traditional architecture. The best way to enjoy the amazing scenery of the city is by road. Every week, several road trips take visitors across the most renowned sites of London. If you are travelling with your personal vehicle together with your family, you need a UK driver’s licence and some general knowledge of the road rules.

Here are some of the best road trips to celebrate in London.

The Cotswold

Cotswold can be best described as the home of celebrities. The area provides a scenic view from whichever direction you are travelling from and is the residence for some of the most popular celebrities in the UK. It rivals the famous Beverley hills. As you travel on the A429 road, you cannot help but notice a little remarkable town known as Cirencester. It is a thrilling experience to see where the famous and the rich live.

Yorkshire trip

If you want to take an escapade to the York, you might need to first go shopping. There are several shops that you can choose from before taking the A64 road start. A 169 road leads you to the Pickering quiet market where you can have a fabulous shopping experience. You can also spend the night there in one of the luxurious restaurants if it gets late. The Yorkshire Moors are full of amazing scenery and beauty. It is a wonderful place to take pictures and capture the bright sunlit scenery. You can also take the A171 to head towards the stone gate which is a dream place for many people.

London to Brighton

One of the most amazing tips in London is the travel to Brighton. You can begin your trip anywhere in the middle of London and snake your way past the noisy and busy streets towards A23. Along the way to Brighton, experience the transition from the noisy environment to the more serene places. On a sunny summer day, you can view the distant myriads from distant road horizons on the long straight roads.

The Norfolk coast

If you have a free Sunday afternoon, you can take a road trip to the Norfolk coast via the A149. This area is famous for its beauty and simplicity. The coast offers a relaxing feeling as you unwind your way from the busy streets.

With your UK drivers licence, there is no limit to the roads you can use and the places travel in London. On roundabouts, drivers on the right side of the road have the right of the way. You are not supposed to use mobile phones or drive while drunk. On Zebra crossing spots where there are white and black marks, the pedestrians have the right from the way. You should also be keen on speed cameras to avoid inconveniencing yourself. There are various road signs along the highways that give different speed limits for different environments. When overtaking, be keen to use the outside right lane.