Following A Student’s Footprints To Explore India

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For travelers planning to go for an all-India trip, there are several modes to accomplish. You can become a part of an expedition or hire a seasoned travel guide. But, going with the obvious doesn’t really yields the same fun. What if you did it from a student’s perspective?

The major cities in India are not just known for their modernity, but there are so many other things in them which usually remains hidden from the crowd. To take a better look at them, you either need to have an eye of an eagle or a student. Yes, students. The majority of population in India, comprises of students, who knowing or unknowingly unravel some of the best attractions of a city. So if you’re planning a trip to the most famous cities in India, exploring them like a student would be the best idea to follow.

Nothing’s better than to begin your from Delhi, the national capital. This historical city is the centre of everything in India – from political scramble to cultural wonders – Delhi has everything. Also home to several prestigious colleges and universities like the Delhi University and JNU, its students probably know about every nook and corner, famous or infamous. You can explore the historical heritages like the Qutub Minar, Red Fort and other Mughal structures and enjoy the modern wonders like the Lotus Temple. Explore through the narrow lanes of the old city and enjoy some traditional cuisine at one of the remotely located eatery. Delhi has plenty of sounds and sights to experience, that you might have to plan up a separate itinerary. Plus, there are several tourist destinations in the vicinity, which is like taking a Pune to Mumbai cab or Ranchi to Patna bus.

Mumbai is another favourite destination among tourists. The commercial capital of India is a face of modern India and there are arrays of nightclubs and pubs to enjoy your evening strolls. Mumbai, like New York, is made from its people and what other way could it be to explore like one of them. The young aged citizens of the city will always have the better clue to where to look for specifics. So, while Cafe Leopold is a hit among foreign tourists, the lesser known Bade Miyan could be your tryst with Mumbai’s food scenario. Similarly instead of going on a heritage walk, go for a tour of the city forest to witness the balance between urban and natural life. Mumbai can be a fantastic treat for visitors who’re looking for something more than the usual.

Chennai, the gateway of South India, is home to number of institutions and colleges. And the best way to explore the city is to ask the students. Instead of sitting in a swanky sea-facing restaurant, stand in queue at the famous Andhra mess or Karthik Tiffin Centre and relish some finger-licking South Indian delicacies. Forget about CCDs for a while and try some authentic street side filter coffee. Yes! that’s what an authentic Chennaiyin coffee tastes like. Instead of taking a resort near the beach, go for group camping at the Marina Beach and try some fishing. Apart from these, there are several historical temples in the city perfect for learning the history of the region.

Another famous city known for its students culture is Kolkata, and in fact is also known as the cultural capital of India. Reaching there from other major cities would be like taking a train from Delhi to Bhopal or Pune to Bangalore flights. Kolkata is filled with colors and sounds of the pure Bengali culture and reflects a lot about the colonial era. From its food to markets and museums to rock gigs, everything will bring you a step closer to explore the real India. So, if you’re up for going on an all-India trip, do it like the students do.

Author Bio: Sandeep is an experienced travel consultant, who enjoys travelling and loves to write about the destinations he has been to and shares his experience. He also writes about travel tips, world’s best holiday destinations, best hotels in a destination, travel packages, and flight information.