Why Athletes Need Protein

Athletes need a lot of protein because they are constantly doing exercises which tear and repair their skeletal muscle cells. Indeed, athletes cannot build muscle without achieving a ‘positive protein balance.’ [Read more…]

Weight Loss Retreat France

If you’re looking for an effective and efficient weight loss retreat France could prove to be the ideal location. Not only does it have the obvious benefit of better weather when compared to the UK but it has great scenery which makes more beneficial outdoor exercise more enjoyable and less boring. You can turn your trip to a weight loss retreat into a working holiday. [Read more…]

What is Weight Loss Surgery?

Simply weight loss surgery is known as tummy tuck surgery for any surgical procedure that is carried out to help patients to lose weight. There are several different kinds.

The most popular forms of the surgery are gastric band, gastric sleeves and gastric bypasses. All of which effectively reduce the capacity of your stomach when the surgeon implants a device that restricts part of your stomach or surgically reduces the size of your stomach. [Read more…]